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Styles of Beyond (who are signed to Machine Shop Recordings) have released the tracklist for their upcoming Warner Bros / Machine Shop debut album, entitled Reseda Beach. The album is executive produced by Mike Shinoda, who also produced three of the tracks and is featured on the first single "Second II None".

01. Here We Go - produced by Scoop DeVille
02. Hard - produced by J. Dilla
03. Sugar Honey Iced Tea - produced by Vin Scully
04. Take That (feat. Celph Titled) - produced by Aqua
05. Call My Name - produced by Apathy
06. Bumble Bee - produced by Vin Scully and Holly Brook
07. The Pirate Song - produced by Vin Scully
08. Damn (feat. Michael Buble) - produced by Vin Scully
09. Get Stupid'r - produced by Apathy/Mike Shinoda
10. Howdy Doodie - produced by Cheapshot/Vin Scully/Mike Shinoda
11. Live From Ibiza (skit)
12. You Love Us - produced by Vin Scully
13. Shut It Down (feat. Celph Titled) - produced by Vin Scully/Apathy
14. Dunky Fividendz (feat. Apathy) - produced by Vin Scully
15. Second II None (feat and produced by Mike Shinoda)
16. The Valley (skit)
*Damn (featuring Michael Bublе)
** Due to sampling issues, Damn was originally cut from the album. However, the song was later re-recorded using a live band and re-added to the final track listing.

*Hard (Produced by J. Dilla)
** Comfirmed Single, also appears on the Razor Tag mixtape

*Second To None (produced by and featuring Mike Shinoda)
** Also appears on the Transformers Soundtrack, and the Razor Tag mixtape

*Sugar, Honey, Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.)
** Planned as a single

*Take That
** Also appears on the Razor Tag mixtape

*You Love Me (featuring Somaya Reece)


*Chill Pill (featuring Apathy)
** Cut from the album, planned to be released via another format

*Untitled Track
** An untitled track from Reseda Beach had to be cut from the album, due to sample clearance issues.

*Don't Feel Bad (produced by and featuring The RZA)
** Cut from the album
(прослушать трэк)

*Radio Clash Freestyle (produced by Vin Skully)
** Track released for free download on official MySpace, it is unknown if this track was intended to appear on the album.

вот такие вот дела.

p.s. наверно тему надо переназвать? ...на "Styles of Beyond - Reseda Beach (2008)".

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