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Савло 5 Ноября 2003 16:50

Продюссеры все те же что и на ''Get Rich Or Die Tryin'''...
От Дрэя один трек ''G'D Up'' и от Эма один ''Game''...

SoM 5 Ноября 2003 17:17

нет такого трека....

А все остальные кто продюссирует??

Савло 5 Ноября 2003 21:48


Game??? нет такого трека...
Бля, значит трек по каким-то причинам не вошел в альбо, либо просто поменял название... Потому что в промо-релизе он был... Остальные продюссеры (тех, кто мне известен)- Sha Money XL и Kon Artis (D12)!!!

Смокер 8 Ноября 2003 20:11

Послушал альбом 2-3 раза вчера - короче НИЧЕГО слушать можно но и НИЧЕГО ОСОБЕНОГО :) Радует трек G'd Up и еще несколько а остальное как то ни тудэ ни сюдэ =)

ak2k2 9 Ноября 2003 09:31

жаль что они у тебя в wma. А как из них mp3 сделать?

ak2k2 9 Ноября 2003 11:34

А чего битрэйт такой низкий (только 80)?:(

Флай 14 Ноября 2003 20:08

Слышал трэки с Трайсом есть....
Эт правда?

Савло 14 Ноября 2003 20:16

Нет, не правда... Фитов ваще нету...

MAD-A 17 Ноября 2003 17:56

альбом средненький...

хмурые дни 17 Ноября 2003 19:18

Ровный альбом.Все темы на уровне.
Нельзя сказать,что очень понравился,но что то стоящее есть.


Савло 18 Ноября 2003 13:34

Вот че по продакшну...

01. G-Unit - Hi-Tek
02. Poppin them thangs - Dr Dre & Scott Storch
03. My buddy - Thayod ausar & Eminem
04. I`m so hood - DJ Twinz
05. Stunt 101 - Denaun Porter
06. Wanna get to know you - Red Spyda
07. Groupie love - Dirty Swift & Bruce Wayne
08. Betta ask somebody - Fusion Unltd.
09. Footprints - Nottz
10. Eye for an eye - Hi-Tek
11. Smile - No I.D
12. Baby u got - Megahertz
13. Salute u - 7th Emp
14. Beg for mercy - Black Jeruz & Sha Money XL
15. G'd up - Dr Dre
16. Lay you down - DJ Khalil
17. Gangsta shit - Needlez
18. I smell pussy - Sam Sneed

Что самое интересное, эксэкьютив продюссерами являются не Эминэм и Дрэй, а сам Фифти!

витамин 18 Ноября 2003 13:44

а что тут такого интересного? g-unit не подписан не на slim shady и не на aftermath, а кажется на своем родном :) так что им похуй вообще!

радует продакшен от Hi-Tek, No I.D, Eminem и Dre!

МС Молодой 19 Ноября 2003 03:26

Super альбом, от А до Я! 5 баллов.

Смокер 19 Ноября 2003 05:31

Мне нада пойти купить ща авось медальон G-Unit перепадет =))

Владимир 19 Ноября 2003 09:21

Как же хорошо подъебнули недоумка 50. Кому не лень читайте:

Sup Yall... Check it... I've been away for a while, But after countless days in captivity, and many hours trying to free myself... I can now pronounce The DX files are back up in this Mutha F***a . In the words of the G-d... - So thank Fame for warnin me cause now I’m warnin you I got the pen ni**a tell me what you gonna do...

Well... Sadly not much has changed since we last spoke. When I left, the hip-hop world was all about the whole Ja-50 thang... BORING!!!!! Nothing worse than a Cat fight between two De-Clawed Bee-oches . I take an extended spiritual retreat and come back to the same bull-ish! WEAK!!!!! Why are so many heads still stuck on this lame ass issue? There are so many good things happening in Hip Hop. Like the release of 'Champion Sound' The official Jaylib project... or the new Soul Position Cd, 8 million stories (Damn that shit is madd tight!) Not to mention the new Kardi is about to drop as well (don't sleep!) But still we return to the Ja-50 issue. Here's a little perspective for all of you that are still caught up with this nonsense. This piece is dedicated to the Beef that STILL exists between Ja- Rule and 50 Cent.

Latest News So… in a last ditch effort to calm the situation, Minister Louis Farrakhan invited both parties to sit down and have a talk. The religious minister had arranged to meet both Rule and 50 last month in an attempt to defuse the rift, just in case the feud took a more serious, violent turn. However, when 50 Cent talked to a radio station about the meeting last week he remained unrepentant, saying, "As far as me meeting with Farrakhan, it's not happening. I respect him, but it ain't going down." However, here’s the hook… I did find out that 50 accepted a personal invitation from Dr. Phil, to sit down and open up. In a DX- Files exclusive... I present some of the transcripts I obtained from that interview...

Dr. Phil: I wanted to welcome you Mr. 50 Cent and thank you for taking the time to sit down and chat with us today. There were some really interesting things I read in your Bio... Other than setting billboard records this past year for sales, I also read that you were shot at 9 times... Is that right...
50 Cent: Ya... I was shot 9 times...

Dr. Phil: Wow... 9 times? Now Mr. Cent tell us…. Do you feel the shooting was attributed in anyway to a low self esteem? Do you remember what you ate?
50 Cent: Huh?

Dr. Phil: I mean before you were shot, do you recall anyone around you giggling, pointing fingers, and making insensitive hurtful comments about your weight?
50 Cent: What the hell are you talk'n about?

Dr. Phil: Listen Mr. Cent... It's ok to be shot... However it’s not ok to make a blanket judgment about a person's motivation or character based on his/her weight. That is just simply un-fair, 50… Have you ever felt ‘Man Boobs’
50 Cent: What did you say?

Dr. Phil: Ok, let's dive right in shall we... let me ask you the question that has been on the minds of hip-hop fans everywhere... Regarding the ongoing feud with Ja Rule, Is it fair to say that you two just don't like each other?, and furthermore have you or anyone you know ever given birth to any fat and or obese children?
50 Cent: huh?

Dr. Phil: 50 do you know that many of these aggressive eating behaviors you display may be attributed to your mother? May I ask you... was she fat?
50 Cent: Huh? What chu say about my momma?

Dr Phil: Remember 50... We all argue and disagree, but don't use food as a reward. Why not reward yourself in other ways like… Reading a bedtime story, taking a walk ... these are things you can do to connect with yourself, to feel special without unnecessary calories.
50 Cent: Huh? (Looking confused) What? I thought you wanted to talk about my Beef with Ja... And what is all this talk about fat kids?

Dr. Phil: Ok... I'm sorry... So 50, Throughout this 'Beef' with Ja-rule... Did you ever ask yourself in private if you were medicating yourself with food? Ya know Overeating can provide comfort by pushing down anxieties and insecurities. It can be a coping mechanism.
50 Cent: Listen man... I have no clue what the hell you’re talk'n about, and you best take your hand off my lap.

Dr.Phil: So back to the Ja Issue... So were there any warning signs that things were gonna get this outta hand?
50 Cent: Warning signs?

Dr. Phil: Yes like ... An obsession with clothing size, scales and mirrors. Routine secrecy, such as leaving the table immediately after eating to go behind closed doors. Or avoidance of family meals or events at which food is present.
50 Cent: Huh? N***a you trip'n

Dr.Phil: (Closing his eyes) Mr. Cent... Remember Life Law #9: There is power in forgiveness. Open your eyes to what anger and resentment are doing to you. Take your power back from those who have hurt you. Do you ever wear Cardigans 50?
50 Cent: (Looking offstage) What the f**k is this about, who is this man?

Dr. Phil: Listen I understand 'Beef'. Being a hip-hop fan myself I understand the tension that can come from saying something that's really mean and hurtful. Infact I can remember being on the Oprah set and calling Gail a Buck Toothed Monsoon. Lets face it brother… after the Tupac/Biggie situation, you'd think that rappers would stop being so darn mean to each other.
50 Cent: Who the F**k is Gail?

Dr. Phil: 50 in your latest single P.I.M.P. you say, (reaching for paper) If I may quote you... "Don't know what you heard about me But a bitch can't get a dollar out of me No Cadillac, no perms, you can't see That I'm a motherfucking P-I-M-P. Now what exactly does this mean?
50 Cent: Yo, It’s just a song dude, I got my man Snoop up on the remix...It's hot! A real banger.... It was a lot of fun...

Dr.Phil: 50... You say ‘Bitch’ a lot in your music... Deep down, do you hold any resentment from your childhood towards your mother. And part b) was your mother overweight?
50 Cent: Look I have no F**k'n clue who you are, but dude if you mention my mom one more time I’ma knock you upside that bald head... ya heard!

Dr. Phil: Ok, Let me ask you this... 50, on your next CD, Is there any way you would consider substituting the word ‘Bitch’, with maybe 'Not such a Nice girl?'
50 Cent: Huh?

Dr. Phil: Let's move into another direction... After listening to your latest CD I noticed that you tend to add a montage of G's before saying a word that starts with the letter G, like when you say g.g.g.g.g.-unit?
50 Cent: (Confused)

Dr. Phil: 50, this may be difficult for you, but did you have a speech impediment as a youth? Were you teased? Was that what made you turn to food as comfort?
50 Cent: (Getting upset) What?

Dr.Phil: Look at me and Try saying G.G.G.G.G.etting Fit and Healthy!
50 Cent: Huh?

Dr. Phil: I'm G.G.G.G.Gonna Love myself!
50 Cent: (on cell phone)

Dr. Phil: Mr. Cent In your Hit song "In The Club” you write, and allow me to quote you one more time... You say, "Look mami I got the X if you into takin drugs I'm into havin sex, I ain’t into makin love So come gimme a hug, if you're into gettin rubbed. Is that what you said?
50 Cent: Ya that's the track that set it off, it was pop’n everywhere and things just went crazy from there.

Dr. Phil: Now the part where you say that you’re into having sex and not into making love... Mr. Cent, I totally ‘get’ where you’re coming from… Lets take an Audience question...

Audience member: Good morning Mr. 50… My kids just love your music, my question for you is, after everything you've gone thru the last few years... from being shot 9 times to becoming the biggest selling rap artist... What still triggers you to overeat? Is it a certain time of the day? Do you turn to food when you get upset?
Dr. Phil: Good question, and remember you can’t change what you don't acknowledge. So 50 you need to be honest about how you are using food, and change the way you respond to your triggers.
50 Cent: What the F**K is this? (Unaudible)

My Message: So my friends there you have it… A DX-Files exclusive look into the ongoing ‘Beef’ between rappers Ja-Rule and 50 cent. So? What have we learned and better yet, where to we go from here? Is this feud ever gonna end? Can we finally restore peace and balance within the Hip-Hop community? Who f**k'n cares! The bottom line is that you should really try to be nicer to fat people! It’s one thing to call someone a Wanksta, but it’s totally different to call ‘em Lard Ass. If you think that making derogatory remarks will shame someone into losing weight, you're wrong, It'll just cause anger, hurt and resentment. You may even catch a slug in yo ass… But, worse than that, you'll condition that person to develop negative labels ("I'm just a pig," "I'll never be good at sports," or "Nobody will want to date me when I grow up,") that could be lasting. And the bottom line is… That ain’t gonna be good for Hip Hop… That ain’t gonna be good for anyone!

Steven Mann...
(Remember this whole world is against me... please note the toll free number that appears under my life and give generously.)

Uncle AleX 19 Ноября 2003 09:35

какой-то школьный юмор... не знаю.. и немного не по теме... тут тема про новый альбом Джи-Юнит

Савло 19 Ноября 2003 16:22

Альбом хороший... Очень понравились 3, 10, 12! Остальное хорошо... Худший трек это первый сингл ''Stunt 101'' (как и принято у пиздобратии Эминема)... Очень рассторил продакшн в этом треке, какие биты Porter мутил на ''Devil's Night'', и какие щас... В моду попер- электронщина с какими-то кончеными дудками... Кароче, этот трек испортил все впечатление об альбоме!!!

МС Молодой 19 Ноября 2003 18:35

:) вот как. Это как раз мой любимый трэк на альбоме, слушаю второй день на репите!

Смокер 19 Ноября 2003 20:40

Ага меня этот трек радует очень тоже но не так круто как G'd Up ;)

Просто припевы от 50 западают в бошку пипец как

Типа уже неделю стараюсь не слушать а в башке все равно

"I teach you how to stunt...." его укуреным голосом +)))

SHOOP 19 Ноября 2003 21:40

послушал... вот что в памяти всплыло... хм...

"It's a shame, niggaz in the rap game
only for the money and the fame - extra large
It's a shame, niggaz in the rap game
only for the money and the fame - paparazzi"


G-G-G-Unit 24 Декабря 2003 00:18

Новый клип G-Unit
Вышел новый клип G-Unit Poppin Them Thangs,Никто не знает где его скачать можно,хочу посмотреть.

3"TONIC 24 Декабря 2003 08:52

Не интересуюсь...
Посмотри на его официальном сайте...

rudebwoi 15 Января 2004 14:29

G Unit - Beg For A Mercy
На удивление неплохой альбом получился ...по моему
(по сравнению с альбомами цента)
йеу есть мысли?
треки (которые клевые:) :
I Smell Pussy
Beg For A Mercy

Савло 15 Января 2004 14:32

Была такая тема...

Psycho BuZZ 15 Января 2004 14:35

Albom po lirike huynia polnaya.

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